Silke Kroeger

Senior Scientist

Silke studied biology at the University of Bochum/Germany and obtained a PhD from Cranfield University/England in 1998. She spent time at Lund University as an ERASMUS scholar and postdoc before joining Cefas as a bio-and chemosensor expert in 1998. Here, Silke has continued her interest in sensors and measurement techniques, but also broadened her expertise to other areas, such as marine policy and assessments, hazardous substances and biogeochemistry. In addition to her scientific work, Silke has managed project portfolios and teams of staff, such as the offshore chemical notification scheme, and acted as scientific editor for Charting Progress 2, a UKMMAS report on the state of UK seas.

She has published a number of peer-reviewed papers and presented her work in oral and poster presentations at a wide variety of international and national meetings, including:

  • plenary speaker and chair of the “white paper” session on “Sensors for Ecosystem Status” (OceanSensors 2008, Germany)

  • invited speaker “Sensors for Ecosystem Status” (Workshop on Ocean Biology Observatories 2009, Italy)

  • “Sensing Change in the Marine Environment” (World Congress on Biosensors 2010, Scotland)

  • Invited speaker “Marine Ecosystem impacts” (Royal society meeting on Seawater deoxygenation, 2011, England)

  • Invited speaker “I see, U see, We see: the sea” (Bioinspired Forum, 2012, Sweden)

  • Session chair for the “Sensors” topic (UK-iMON workshop on future technologies, 2013, England).

Silke holds an honorary lectureship in the School of Chemistry at the University of East Anglia, peer-reviews articles for various journals, and engages in academic research through the supervision of Master and PhD students and via collaborative projects, such as the NERC-Defra funded Programme on Shelf Sea Biogeochemistry or the EU project “Benthis”.

Research Publications: Google scholar, ResearchGate

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