What data do we collect?

As a world leader in marine science and research, we use our Research Vessel Cefas Endeavour and a network of fixed buoys, gliders, and other remote observing techniques, to generate considerable quantities of data. Cefas experts interpret these data to provide UK government customers with the evidence needed to help secure sustainable blue growth, as well as meeting commitments to our food security and food safety.

In support of our commitment to open data access and open science, we have launched the Cefas Data Hub – an online portal allowing the public and UK businesses to explore, download and reuse the data for their own research (Open Government Licence terms and conditions apply).

Datasets available will include many of our legacy datasets covering subjects such as fish, shellfish and plankton survey data from the 1980’s to the present day, crab tagging data, otolith sample data, records relating to MEDIN Marine Fisheries Data Archive Centre, water temperature, salinity, and sediment data from across the UK continental shelf.

Each month we will publish more current data, as we implement the Open by Default approach across the business.