International Database on Aquatic Animal Diseases

This database is for those needing to access the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) published data on the occurrence of the OIE-listed aquatic animal diseases in all member countries and/or additional data in the published scientific literature.

The data is grouped in the following ways:

  • OIE data
  • non-OIE data
  • all data.  

The relevant tables cover each disease, host species, disease location and reference (information source). Within these general areas, more specific information is offered on the natural or experimental occurrence of the disease and the taxonomic position of the host species.

The geographical and host ranges of OIE listed diseases have been taken from:

  • World Animal Health Annual Reports (1994-2012) for all OIE member countries
  • the 4th (2003) and the 5th (2006) editions of the OIE Manual of Diagnostic Tests for Aquatic Animals (the 2012 6th edition is currently being added)
  • OIE's online "Disease Information" weekly bulletins. 
  • Quarterly Aquatic Animal Disease Report (Asian & Pacific Region) 2003 - 2012

Other information about the geographical and host ranges of the diseases published in the scientific literature has been included as "non-OIE data" to ensure that the epidemiological picture is as complete as possible.


A search of the current scientific literature is carried out continuously. All relevant new information, and details of the reference source, is entered into the "non-OIE data" section on a monthly basis.

Subsequent data from future OIE World Animal Health reports will be entered as soon as they become available each year.

The development and maintenance of this database is funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). The database is publicly available through the OIE Collaborating Centre for Information on Aquatic Animal Diseases, which is based at Cefas' Weymouth laboratory.

For more information please contact us.