Fish Stomach Records

In recent years, considerable emphasis has been placed on finding 'ecosystem-based' approaches to fisheries management and multi-species models are seen as crucial for addressing this new agenda. However, there are currently very few long-term datasets within the European context available for parameterising such models.

DAPSTOM (integrated database and portal for fish stomach records) is an ongoing initiative (supported by Defra and the EU) to digitise and make available fish stomach content records spanning the past 100 years.

The online database contains information (226,407 records from 254,202 individual predator stomachs) on 188 predator species and can be searched by predator name or by prey name for given sea areas and years. CSV data files can be outputted containing all records from a particular query. The current database (version 4.7) contains information from 449 distince research cruises spanning 1837-2012.

This report should be cited as: Pinnegar, J.K. (2014). DAPSTOM - An Integrated Database & Portal for Fish Stomach Records. Version 4.7. Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science, Lowestoft, UK. February 2014, 39pp.