New PLONOR List issued

23 August 2018

OSPAR has now issued the 2018 update of the PLONOR List (OSPAR Agreement 2013-06). The changes to the list were agreed in March at the annual meeting of the Offshore Industry Committee, and include most significantly the removal of Boric Acid, sodium salt (CAS 13840-56-7) and Sodium Borate (CAS 1333-73-9). The registration requirements under HMCS mean that HOCNF submissions for products that include these substances must now be supported by the appropriate test data. Cefas will be issuing short-term templates, valid until February 2019, to allow time for any necessary testing to be carried out. As an alternative to testing, suppliers are reminded that if good quality literature data are available, these can be used for registration purposes. As always, suppliers should retain copies of the relevant literature and/or reports so that they can be provided to Cefas if requested.