England and Wales

Sanitary Surveys

Sanitary surveys are required for all new shellfish harvesting sites, prior to classification.

A "new" harvesting site is anything that requires an addition to the official  FSA classification listing. For example, a new species in an area already classified for another species would be regarded as being a "new" site and would therefore require a sanitary survey.

Our Water Quality team work with the local enforcement authorities to undertake site-based aspects such as shoreline surveys.

Sanitary survey information leaflet (PDF, 634 KB)

Application form for classification of a new site (PDF, 135 KB)

Review of sanitary surveys 2007 - 2011

Sanitary survey reports 2007 - present

Sampling plans are kept under review , particularly with regard to logistical issues and stock location, and may be amended or refined. Current sampling plans for all classified production areas can be found below. 

Current sampling plans

For further information, please contact SHS@cefas.co.uk.